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Stump Grinding and Removal in Katy, Texas

For cost-efficient stump grinding in Katy, TX, that can beautify your front and back lawns after only a few hours, call our arborists at the Meadows Tree Service today!

Do you need help getting rid of decaying tree stumps, dead bark, or leftover tree roots that are hard to remove and dispose of? For high-quality stump grinding in Katy, TX, contact our tree care experts at Meadows Tree Service.

Our team has years of experience eliminating hazardous stumps from numerous commercial and residential properties across the Katy area. We make healthy, trimmed trees and lush green lawns the standard across the many suburbs, office parks, and public-facing facilities in the Greater Houston area.

At Meadows Tree Service, we are one of the few tree care companies in Texas with an ironclad 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We have hundreds of happy customers who enjoy their well-maintained lawns and gardens, and we would be glad to add you to their roster.

Whether you require tree removal services, after-storm cleanup assistance, or cost-efficient tree stump grinding, we’re the business to call. Reach out at (832) 692-4931 for a free consultation.

Are Dead Tree Stumps an Eyesore in Your Backyard?

Dead tree stumps have the power to lower your property value as they invite a broad range of plant sicknesses, bugs, and fungi onto your yard. It’s not uncommon to spot leftover tree stumps in Katy with mushrooms growing along their sides, bugs like spiders and beetles crowding around their open wounds, and vandals taking advantage of a visual focal point in a residential or commercial property.

Operating a stump grinder without professional experience can be dangerous. At Meadows Tree Service, our arborists possess state licenses and our private worker’s compensation insurance, so our customers are not liable for any incidents that occur at a job site.

What Does Stump Grinding in Katy, TX, Entail?

Stump grinding is an essential part of every land and tree clearing operation in Katy, TX. It allows people to use their residential and commercial properties to full effect. They no longer have to design their homes and commercial areas around a dead tree stump.

Stump grinding also ensures that thousands of dead trees won’t re-sprout again, taking up moisture and nutrients from the surrounding soil.

Why Hire Stump-Grinding Professionals?

Some stump grinders don’t look like menacing machines, especially the models people use to cut away the stumps of small trees, such as cherry, dogwood, and apple. However, large trees dominate the Katy landscape, and we frequently see leftover stumps of species like the Nuttall Oak, Southern Magnolia, and Cedar Elm. These trees require heavier equipment and many hours to remove, even for trained professionals.

Keep Yourself Safe

People hire professional stump grinders to keep themselves free from injuries so they can enjoy their landscaping vision in peace. At Meadows Tree Service, our technicians are well-versed in using hand-guided lightweight grinders for smaller trees and riding models attached to small tractors for larger landscaping jobs.

Save Money by Hiring a Company with Experience and Connections

Hiring professionals like our tree technicians have many benefits over trying to remove stumps yourself. Here are some additional expenses you would have to consider if you take the DIY route:

  • Rental fees for a truck to take your grinder from the rental yard and back when the work is over
  • Professional safety gear like gloves, vests, and goggles to protect you from wooden projectiles
  • Protective materials for surrounding structures, like screens and tarps to stop flying debris
  • Debris collection, disposal, and processing

Those factors don’t even account for the liability you would face if you make a mistake. You might damage the blade teeth of your rented grinder or injure your back from pushing it onto the lorry.

Call Us at Meadows Tree Service and Remove Stumps from Your Property Today

Meadows Tree Service is the leading provider of stump grinding in Katy, TX. We love helping the city maintain its small-town charms. Contact our five-star customer service team today to discover how we’ve become so trusted among your friends, family, and business partners.

Call us at (832) 692-4931 to receive a free quote from our stump grinding team.


See what our clients have to say about our work!

We take great pride in our craft and ensuring the results exceed your expectations
and help beautify your home.

Rae D.-Katy, TX.

Highly Recommended

We recently bought a rental property that had a monstrous tree in the backyard. While we loved its character and shade, we didn’t love how the branches were one foot from the back door and required that anyone exiting the home through that door had to move the branches to do so. We called Meadows Tree Service and James was able to come out the very next day. He trimmed everything up, removed all the debris from the tree trimming, and the difference was amazing. Thank you so much.

Don M.- Katy,Tx.

Excellent Job

Meadows Tree Service did an excellent job on cutting down a very large oak that was damaged. James explained the process on bring down the tree and price (which was very fair). Good equipment and crew. On time and did a great job. All parts of the tree was hauled away and the stump was grinned down even with grass.
Will used them again.

Megan B.- Katy, TX.

Very Responsible

We had two trees between our sidewalk and curb that were destroying the sidewalk, making it impossible to grow grass, and were restricting the growth of our oak trees. Meadows Tree Service was very responsive, patiently answering all of my questions. They were able to give me a quote right away and remove the trees the same week. They arrived when scheduled, and did excellent work. They even worked in the rain. They always remained in communication with me, so I knew what was going on every step of they way. They were kind and helpful throughout the process.

Ruby C.-Katy, Tx.

Highly Recommended

My property flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Meadows Tree Service worked diligently to get my 2-1/2 acres ‘looking good.’ James is easy to work with and I highly recommend!

Lisa W.- Katy, Tx.

Meadows Tree Service Rocks!!!

Loving my trimmed up trees that have lifted sunlight back into my yard!! Great workers and great prices!!!

Cynthia P.-Katy, Tx.

Very Dependable.

Arrives on time. Does a good job and cleans up afterwards. Very careful on my property and around my other plants. Had him remove some large bushes and he did a great job.

St. Paul Orthodox Church- Katy, Tx.

Job Very Well Done!

Meadow’s Tree Service came out and did a great job trimming a tree that had become a Safety Hazard on Katy Gap Road near the church! A job very well done indeed and safe travels now on Katy Gap Rd! Great work, great pricing!

Laura P.- Katy, Tx. 


James with Meadows Tree Service came out to remove a tree and was prompt, professional and did a great job from beginning to end. We will definitely use them again in the future.

Mary B.- Katy, Tx.

Aims To Please

I have used Meadows Tree Service several times and have also recommended James to several people who have also been very pleased with his work. He is a very nice young man, easy to work with, reasonable, hones, aims to please.

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