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Deep Root Fertilization, Katy, TX

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Deep root fertilization in Katy, TX, is essential for keeping the city’s small-town charm. Katy is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Greater Houston area. Every year, hundreds of business owners and residents look for deep root fertilization experts who can help them beautify their lawns and outdoor spaces.

Deep root fertilization, also called deep root feeding, is an essential tree service for many suburbs and office parks in the city. It keeps the best-landscaped public-facing facilities covered in lush green shade. You’ll notice that they aren’t peppered with decaying matter like trees in a forest. With the help of chemically enhanced and naturally derived compost, our tree-fertilizing experts can transform your lawn into an oasis without inviting nasty scavengers and fungal spores.

What Is Deep Root Fertilization, and Why Is It So Important?

At Meadows Tree Service, one of the most common misconceptions our customers believe about tree and plant life is that fertilizer serves as their food or primary source of nutrients. Instead, plants manufacture their food by breaking down carbon dioxide into sugars and oxygen through photosynthesis. Their circulatory systems deliver it through the sap.

Modern-day fertilizers are like food supplements for plants, supplying nutrients and minerals through the soil to help them grow faster and healthier. Forest lands feature a thick undergrowth of decaying leaves, dead animals and insects, and fallen trees that make the topsoil and subsoil teem with essential vitamins that trees’ root systems consume.

Unfortunately, urban and suburban areas cannot provide that type of natural fertilizer that trees in forests get. Covering our urban and suburban areas with concrete and pavement has led to poor soil quality and the extinction of many plant species.

Deep root fertilization is a tree maintenance process where arborists inject nutrient-rich liquids into the subsoil, letting the surrounding plants absorb essential vitamins to make them more weather-resistant and healthy. It mimics the nutrient absorption process of the forest floor without the dead and decaying matter that would create a health hazard for human residents and their pets.

Why We Need Deep Root Fertilization in Katy, TX

Without deep root fertilization, many species of trees and plants couldn’t survive in an urban setting. Suburbs and industrial parks don’t offer the same protection as forest lands, and trees do not have a buffer that can take the brunt from high-speed gusts of winds during severe storms.

Magnolias, live oaks, and cottonwoods are some of the most popular trees in Katy, but they’re famous for demanding lots of nutrients and water to survive and flourish.

How Do Professional Arborists Perform Deep Root Fertilization?

At Meadows Tree Service, our arborists take pride in helping numerous species of trees grow in Katy with high resistance to sicknesses, pests, and the effects of adverse weather events. When you call us to perform deep root fertilization, we will first inspect the trees and other plant life on your property to ensure that they need it.

Many people misdiagnose plants and trees with preexisting health conditions as “malnourished.” Over-fertilizing can stunt the growth of healthy trees and compact the soil, making it unproductive. If we see that your flora require deep root fertilization, we will blend artificial nutrients with organic matter, such as:

  • Soybeans
  • Rye
  • Millet
  • Flax
  • Alfalfa
  • Clover
  • Wheat
  • And many more

The components of our fertilizer can change depending on your tree species. We will put the mixture into our high-pressure equipment and then inject it through a pipe five to eight inches into your subsoil.

How to Tell if You Need Deep Root Fertilization

If you’re trying to grow plants and trees that are not native to your area or you are cultivating one from a nursery that was already a few months old when you got it, you might need deep root fertilization. Here are a few of the most prominent signs of tree malnutrition or maladjustment to new environments:

  • Minimal floral output
  • Slow-growing foliage and leaves that are smaller than average
  • Dead and yellow spots on the leaves
  • Thinning branch tips

Each tree species is unique, and some may show signs of malnutrition in different ways than others.

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