Tree Maintenance Tips for Healthy Trees Year Round

Having lovely, healthy trees doesn’t happen by accident. To keep your trees looking beautiful year-round, it’s critical to keep up with tree maintenance!

Whether it’s during the spring or other times throughout the year, taking proper care of your trees helps them stay pest-free and live longer. What kind of tree maintenance tasks should be on your list of to-dos? Follow this guide!

Prune According to Tree Type

Trimming branches merely to get them out of the way can damage your tree. Depending on the type of tree, the timing and method of pruning are critical to the tree’s health. 

Before trimming, research the best methods and time of year to cut back branches and leaves. Follow expert guidance or hire professional tree maintenance services to handle it properly. 

Water Appropriately

You water the lawn, but do you also water your trees? The time of year and climate for your landscaping requires careful attention to watering. Over-watering or not giving your trees enough water can damage roots and lead to leaf and limb loss.

When watering mature trees: 

  • Don’t rely on lawn sprinklers to deliver enough water
  • Use a soaker hose to penetrate deeper beneath the soil and reach the tree’s roots
  • Water deeply to saturate two to three feet below the ground’s surface and outside the drip line
  • Wait for the soil to become partially dry before another deep watering session


If experiencing high temperatures and a lack of rain, keep a close eye on the tree’s leaves. If they show signs of wilt, it’s time to water again. 

Apply Mulch

Maintaining mulch around a tree’s base can help retain moisture and keep pests away. Apply a layer of mulch about two to three inches deep. Make sure it extends out about three feet in diameter around the trunk.

Mulch also protects roots from heat and cold. If you struggle to keep your trees well-watered, mulch is an ideal solution to manage moisture year-round. 

Watch for Changes

Trees tell you when they aren’t doing well. Taking care of trees includes watching for signs of distress and responding with the right solutions. 

A tree suffering from a pest invasion, disease, or lack of water show signs including:

  • Spots
  • Wilted leaves and falling limbs
  • Missing bark
  • Holes
  • Cracks or changes in the structure

A tree care specialist can help you recognize signs of distress and apply the appropriate fungicides or insecticides to restore your tree’s health. 

Trim the Grass

When grass grows up against a tree’s trunk, it competes with tree roots for moisture. Keep grass trimmed away from trees to give roots better access to water. 

Hire an Expert For Essential Tree Maintenance

Pruning trees and maintaining mulch can be daunting tasks, but the health of your trees is essential! A professional tree maintenance expert safely handles tree trimming and care, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

With Meadows Tree Service, you’ll enjoy healthy and beautiful trees! Contact us to learn more about our tree care services. 

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