Can a Partially Uprooted Tree Be Saved in Foster, TX?

Trees bring so much life, color, joy, and shade to your yard. Despite their spectacular resilience, they sometimes suffer severe damage, resulting in a partially uprooted tree.  

Can a partially uprooted tree be saved? Tree owners often ask themselves this question after a storm or strong winds. As Foster’s premium tree service company, the Meadows Tree Service crew explores the top reasons for uprooted trees and whether to save or remove a partially uprooted tree.

Common Reasons Trees Get Uprooted  

Heavy rains, hurricanes, rainstorms, and winter storms, among other harsh weather events can uproot trees. While the severity of weather events plays a role, factors like wood durability, tree roots, and crown shape often have a more significant impact.  

Common reasons trees get partially or completely uprooted include:  

  • Wood or root decay or damage  
  • Shallow, compacted, or saturated soil  
  • Nearby construction activities that disrupt soil around the roots  
  • Dramatic changes to the tree’s environment, such as removal of surrounding trees  
  • Soil inadequate for your tree’s growing conditions  

When To Save or Remove a Tree  

A partially uprooted tree poses a safety hazard. A strong gust of wind could easily cause the uprooted tree to fall, potentially causing property damage or injuries. That said, you must decide whether to save, replant, or remove the tree altogether.  

Can a partially uprooted tree be saved? It depends primarily on your tree’s size.  

Large Trees  

Giant trees feature expansive root systems and large canopies. When a massive tree gets partially uprooted, several problems can arise. The tree may split down the middle, throwing the tree off balance.  

For the tree to topple, several roots must have broken, compromising the root system.

Repositioning a large tree may require excessive force and prove quite costly, often needing a crane. If the tree can’t maintain an upright position on its own, it might struggle to draw sufficient water and nutrients for survival. Overall, saving larger trees can prove quite challenging.  

A certified arborist may recommend tree removal for safety reasons.  

Small Trees  

A small, partially uprooted tree also suffers damage. However, the relatively less extensive root system of a small tree means it requires much less force to uproot and won’t suffer as much impact from hitting the ground.   

With proper and prompt care, you can replant a small tree and expect it to recover fully.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

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  • And more  

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