Root Crown Excavation

Root Crown Excavation By Arborists in Katy, TX

Get a fast and cost-efficient root crown excavation in Katy, TX, by calling Meadows Tree Service today, the number one source of reliable arborist services in Texas.

Every year, our tree care experts perform hundreds of root crown excavations in Katy, TX. We consider it an essential service for residents and business owners as it allows them to maintain the health of their trees without thinking about soil aeration and overwatering.

If you’re new to the world of tree planting, before you worry about what you’re feeding your trees, it’s essential to consider whether they can adequately absorb the nourishment you intend to give them.

What Is a Root Crown Excavation?

A root crown excavation allows our arborists at Meadows Tree Service to remove excess dirt, litter, and other deep-seated obstructions from the base of your trees.

In many suburban and commercial areas, trees go through an extraordinary amount of pollution, soil erosion, and abuse from a thousand different environmental factors. When their buttress roots or root flares run out of room to breathe because they’re buried so deep, their lives become endangered.

Many professional landscapers have little to no tree care training, so when they build residential flowerbeds and plant shrubs and bushed, they offload the soil onto the bases of trees, thinking that it will bring them more nutrients and minerals. However, this nearly universal practice can bury tree flares too deep into the ground, causing their root systems to suffocate and choke.

Many people don’t know that every part of a tree breathes, and we serve many clients who believe that trees only breathe through their leaves. Trees have barks, branches, roots, and trunks that all breathe to create chlorophyll and tree sap. Here are some issues that may obstruct their respiration:

  • Too much soil and decaying matter at the crown of their trunks
  • Garbage disposal issues from their surrounding area
  • Transplant shock from replanting
  • Recent floods
  • Urban construction works, like sidewalks, tree-adjacent driveways, and patios

What Happens During a Root Crown Excavation?

Our arborists at Meadows Tree Service perform root crown excavations in Katy, TX, using one of these three processes.

  • Root girdle elimination
  • Bark tissue removal
  • Soil pressure corrections

1.      We Remove Girdling Roots

When the buttress roots of your trees have been under excess topsoil for some time, your trees will begin looking for alternative ways to breathe. One of them is developing girdling roots.

Root girdles are like snorkels that trees launch to hunt for air. Most of them never make it to the surface. Without a root crown excavation, these girdling roots will begin to encircle your trees and cut off respiration from their healthy sub-roots.

Girdling roots can grow on any tree, even ones that grow with the correct topsoil levels. However, they are more common in replanted trees and ones that grow in containers. We remove all girdling roots that are less than two inches in diameter. For larger ones, we use our experience to judge if they can come off without impairing the digestive system of the tree.

Call our arborists at Meadows Tree Service today, and we’ll give your trees a checkup.

2.      We Stop Excess Bark from Forming

Excess soil on the root crowns of a tree will lead to constant moisture and over-oxygenation, two essential conditions for producing bark tissue. Tree bark can’t absorb nutrients and oxygen with the same efficiency as tree roots, so we’ll stop excess bark from forming and remove it from the root system with root crown excavation.

3.      We Correct Soil Pressure

If excess soil accumulates around the base of your tree, pressure will build up and constrict air and nutrient flow from the deeper roots.

Our arborists will correct your soil pressure and allow starches, moisture, and minerals to flow from the roots into the bark.

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