The Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning: What You Should Know

Trees are an essential part of our nature. However, they need trimming and pruning to ensure good health and shape.

Many people use the terms trimming and pruning interchangeably, but they refer to different practices. The two don’t have to confuse you any longer. 

Read on to learn the difference between tree trimming and pruning from Richmond’s top-rated tree service contractors.

Tree Trimming

Trees tend to grow unwieldy when uncared for, with branches scattered in different ways. This leaves your tree looking unbalanced and dangerous.

Trimming, however, ensures your tree looks visually appealing. Tree trimming involves cutting down overgrown branches to maintain a desired size and shape.

You can expect the remaining foliage to grow thicker and quicker upon trimming a tree or shrub. It is, however, advisable to hire tree service contractors since specific tree species demand frequent trimming and care.

Tree Pruning

No matter how healthy a tree looks, it is prone to pests and diseases. These threats leave the tree’s branches dead and loose, affecting its general growth.

Tree pruning involves removing the affected branches to enhance health, aesthetics, and strength. It also boosts yields in flowering trees.

A certified arborist examines and determines the branches that need pruning. This mitigates the risk of stunting or killing your tree or shrub, saving you the headache of tree removal.

How Often Are Tree Trimming and Pruning Needed?

Tree trimming usually focuses on the tree’s appearance, and you can do it once or twice a year. This practice depends on the size or preference to keep the tree in a specific shape.

Tree pruning, however, focuses on the tree’s health. Depending on your plant species, you can schedule an annual pruning or do it at strategic times of the year.

If unsure of the difference between tree trimming and pruning, it’s best to consult a local tree service. These professionals are well versed in the science of arboriculture and have the best interests of your trees and shrubs at heart.

What Tools Do You Need for Tree Pruning and Trimming?

Working with certified arborists is helpful because they have the proper tools to get the job done. They also know the best maintenance practices to ensure your tree or shrub’s health is not affected.

That said, the size and scope of the project determine the nature of the required trimming equipment. The kit consists of various power and hand tools like chainsaws and branch shears. Most tree service professionals use manual branch shears for efficiency and clean results.

Arborists may also use power tools to complete a pruning job. The size of the branches determines which tools to use, as huge limbs require more than manpower. The professionals, however, know their way around handheld shears when pruning small trees and shrubs.

Work with Certified Arborists

Understanding the difference between tree trimming and pruning is essential when having trees or shrubs. With this knowledge, you can quickly determine whether to trim trees or prune them.

Hiring certified tree trimming and pruning contractors is recommended for the best results. You cannot go wrong with Meadows Tree Service. Contact us today at (823) 692-4931 to get a free estimate.

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