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Tree Removal Services

You'll need an experienced professional. You'll need someone who has the skills and equipment to safely climb, rope and cut your tree with precision control to keep everyone safe and avoid property damage. f a tree on your land looks weak or in poor condition, please contact Meadows Tree Service.

Tree removal may be required for many reasons, especially when a tree has become a hazard to people or property. The following are examples:

  • Decayed trunk or root rot
  • Storm-damaged trees
  • Dead, dying, or diseased trees
  • Trees with cracks or splits in trunks or crotches
  • Trees outgrowing a safe area

Dead Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

Lightning strikes, rain, and high winds from high winds, tropical storms and hurricanes can cause damage to your trees and property. Handling trees damaged by severe weather can be hazardous, so let our tree specialists take care of it. We clean up storm damages as quickly as possible.