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Trees can thrive anywhere, surviving for hundreds of years in the toughest conditions. Eventually, age and other ill-effects of disease take their toll on the tree, and that means calling official channels in Texas for a tree removal permit, Katy, TX.

Storm damage and other injuries may also affect the health and well-being of trees in your area. Safety and environmental reasons arise, and tree removalbecomes a necessity.

All tree removal projects should be done by our licensed, trained professionals. Tree removing services, especially those of certified arborists, have the knowledge and experience to properly care for the tree and safeguard the area around it, be it residential or commercial. Arborists also salvage the tree if possible or minimize the risk of property damage as they safely remove it.

The tree removal permit process in Katy, TX, has specific parameters and requirements for taking out trees throughout the area. It is essential to understand these tree removal regulations in and around The City of Katy—tree ordinance is specific about preservation, planting, and renewal.

The City Of Katy Tree Ordinance

The city’s tree ordinance outlines information about the specific laws and regulations regarding tree removal and conservation. It has specific directives outlining tree planting and tree removal for the Old Katy District.

Areas Outside Old Katy District

All areas outside of the Old Katy District have a required number of trees, shrubs, ground covers, and grass species. These plants and trees must be maintained and kept in a healthy condition year-round. The owner of the commercial or residential property is solely responsible for this care, including:

  • regular weeding and pruning
  • fertilizing
  • irrigation
  • Plant maintenance

If a plant dies, an approved replacement must be planted within 60 days of notifying the City of Katy building official. It could be extended for up to 30 days if weather conditions prevent planting.

Areas Inside Old Katy District

Old Katy District is defined by parameters within the city zoning ordinance. The landscaping requirements are slightly more flexible in this part of town because of the historic nature of the district. For new construction or re-construction, you must submit a landscape plan that includes any planting on the property as part of the project.

If the builder or property owner cannot incorporate the necessary trees or other plants, the reasons should be explained clearly in the plan. If the city building official acknowledges that the reasons for not planting are valid, they may issue a waiver for certain landscaping requirements.

Is a Permit Necessary To Remove a Tree?

Yes. It is necessary to get a permit to remove a tree on your residential or commercial property.

When you apply for a tree removal permit, Katy, TX, you must submit a detailed landscaping plan. The details usually include above-ground and below-ground utility lines and pipes, streetlights, sidewalks, and roads, as well as the structures and existing landscaping or other elements.

Reasons For Removing A Tree

Every possible effort should be made to preserve a tree for the sake of the ecosystem around it, even when diseased or damaged. It is part of why a professional tree service should be doing the assessment.

Professional, certified arborists have the skills and knowledge to properly evaluate the tree’s current state and determine if a repair or pruning will suffice.If the damage cannot be fixed, removing the tree becomes the only option, including for:

  • Irreparable damage from a storm or fire
  • Systemic disease that cannot be cured through any means or threatens other trees in the area
  • Broken or rotting main branches that you cannot remove without killing the tree

Trees may also require removal if their presence threatens structures, utility lines above or below ground, pipes, and public roadways or surfaces. Our certified arborist adds much value to our professional tree service, not only with the ability to assess the tree and how it is affecting any structures around it but also determining whether full tree removal is truly necessary.

Transplanting the tree may also be an effective solution. Any tree relocation presents a formidable task, especially if the tree is fully grown. However, a professional tree service team like ours will have the tools and knowledge to handle the process.

There are many factors that remain key to safely transplanting a tree and doing it successfully, not only for the sake of the tree removal permit, Katy, TX. If removal is necessary for these circumstances, utility companies and public works will also need to be informed, as well as other on-site services,to ensure minimal disruption.

Using Our Professional Tree Service

It is possible to remove a tree yourself, but the expertise of our professional tree removers is far safer. Our team can evaluate the tree in question and provide information for the city officials to facilitate your tree removal permit, Katy, TX. Our tree removal experts will begin as soon as the paperwork is in order, especially if the tree is in a bad way.

Besides assisting with removing a tree, our certified arborists have the knowledge to help you manage the other trees, shrubs, and plants on the property. The team will assess other trees for signs of future branch removal needs or disease and damage. We sometimes even identify trees that will impact wires or other nearby structures in the future.

Call Our Arborist for a Tree Removal Permit, Katy, TX

At Meadows Tree Service of Katy, TX, we offer a wide range of professional services to assist you with removing damaged or diseased trees. Our knowledgeable team has decades of experience and gladly makes themselves available to preserve the trees on your property or remove them safely.

If you are looking for residential or commercial tree removal, or more information about landscaping services, Meadows Tree Service serves Katy, Texas, and the surrounding area. Our professionals are well-versed in the local tree ordinances and landscaping regulations, and we care for the environment along the way.

Contact us today for a free consultation or assistance in applying for your tree removal permit.

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