How Fast Does a Texas Ash Tree Grow?

Texas ash trees are attractive trees with unmatched drought tolerance and low-maintenance soil requirements. Its astonishing adaptability makes it a popular tree among Texan homeowners who want shadier landscapes without lots of fuss. But how fast does a Texas ash tree grow? 

As Katy’s reliable tree service company, Meadows Tree Service team members have extensive knowledge about numerous tree varieties including the Texas ash tree. We’ll impart some of our expertise to you below. 

What Makes Texas Ash Trees So Popular?

In addition to its unrivaled drought tolerance and ability to thrive in merciless temperatures, the Texas ash tree provides adequate shade for properties where other tree species struggle. Texas ash trees are survivors and can flourish despite low soil quality. These trees have few “needs,” only preferences that can quicken their growth. 

Speedy growth rates are another reason why Texas ash trees are in demand. They can quickly grow to average heights between 35 and 45 feet at much faster rates than other beloved, classic tree species. So, just how fast does a Texas ash tree grow?  

How Fast Does a Texas Ash Tree Grow?

A tree’s growth rate generally depends on its species and whether or not you’ve met its nutritive requirements. Since Texas ash trees have few if any requirements, your tree should grow about one to two feet per growing season on average. Supply the tree with its nutritive preferences, like loamy, alkaline soil and a little extra water, and it could grow a little faster than average. 


Most Texas ash tree saplings look rail-thin with a few starter branches jutting out from the trunks. They range from two to five feet tall. Most greenhouses or garden centers sell them between one and five years old. The sapling stages demonstrates a slower growth rate compared to the other.

Don’t let their small stature fool you. Their quick growth wows and impresses all who witness each life stage. 


Juvenile ash trees are between five and ten years old. During this time, their growth rate noticeably speeds up. They commonly gain a foot and a half in height each year. 

How fast does a Texas ash tree grow once it reaches its tenth year? It starts to gain two feet in height at this point. Some trees can grow as much as two and a half feet per year. 

Mature Trees

Most Texas ash trees reach full maturity at 20 to 25 years old. They’ll tower over people and small buildings at 45 feet tall. Healthy specimens might even grow as tall as 70 feet tall when provided adequate nutrition, soil, and pest control. 

Keep Your Native Texas Trees Healthy with Meadows Tree Service

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