A Complete Guide to Texas Native Trees

Native plants are far more likely to thrive and benefit the surrounding environment than non-native, invasive species. So, if you’re a Texas resident, you may want to plant a few Texas native trees on your property.

Of course, this begs the question, “What types of trees are native to Texas?” This brief guide will answer this question and explore the best trees to plant in Texas.

You can use this information to improve your property’s landscaping while reducing the spread of invasive species. Let’s begin!

Trees That Are Native to Texas

Are you looking to make your property more sustainable and Texas-friendly? If so, you may want to consider planting one of the following tree species:

  • Texas Ash
  • Bald Cypress
  • Pecan Tree
  • Escarpment Live Oak

These are some of the best trees to plant in Texas. They are trees that are native to Texas, and many of them are quite beautiful, hardy, and beneficial.

Let’s explore these species in greater detail to discover which might make the perfect addition to your yard!

Texas Ash

You don’t have to live in the Northeast to enjoy the stunning fall foliage. For example, the Texas ash is a tree that exhibits eye-catching orange, yellow, and red leaves when the weather grows cold.

Even better, this species is naturally tolerant of dry conditions, making it easy to maintain and care for during the sweltering summer season.

Bald Cypress

The bald cypress tree is one of the tallest native trees found throughout Texas. With an average height of about 70ft, it can tower over evergreen shrubs and bushes with ease.

It’s a stately choice that’s ideal for more significant properties and homes. It also exhibits some gorgeous multi-colored leaves when the weather grows cold.

Pecan Tree

Pecan pie is a famous autumnal desert throughout the Southern region of the US, and it’s no wonder why! Pecan trees are native to several states within this area, including Texas.

If you’re looking for a tree that can produce tasty treats for you and your family, you might want to start planting pecan trees right away. But be warned—Your yard might become a favorite haunt for local squirrels!

Escarpment Live Oak

Like many other oak trees, this species produces capped acorns that fall during the autumn and winter seasons. However, one of the most notable characteristics of the escarpment live oak is its size.

It’s not uncommon for these umbrella-like trees to reach 80ft in height and spread over massive areas. As such, you may want to invest in a reputable tree-trimming service after planting this native tree.

Protected Texas Native Trees

Did you know that it’s illegal to cut down a protected tree? In Texas, several native trees are protected by local tree ordinances. Some of the most notable of these trees include the following:

  • Texas Ash
  • Pecan Tree
  • Bald Cypress
  • Cedar Elm

So, before you request a tree removal service, be sure to hire a team of professionals to confirm that your chosen tree isn’t a protected species. Otherwise, you could end up paying punitive fines!

Invasive Trees to Avoid Planting

There are several common invasive plants that Texas residents will want to avoid planting.

While some of these can be attractive and easy to grow in the Lonestar State, they can also make it challenging for native species to take root. Some common examples of invasive trees include the following:

  • Persian silk tree (Albizia julibrissin)
  • Paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)
  • Chinaberry (Melia azedarach)
  • Red tip photinia (Photinia x frazeri)

If you notice any of these invasive species growing in your yard, you’ll want to remove them as soon as possible. 

Find a Tree Service Near You

Are you a Texas resident? If so, you may want to consider planting one (or several) of the many native trees that flourish in this state. After all, Texas native trees are wonderfully varied, from oaks to pecan trees. 

It’s also crucial to ensure that any trees you have removed from your property are not protected under Texas law. Naturally, if you require pruning services, it’s vital to contact a team of professionals to keep things lawful.

Are you interested in boosting your yard’s attractiveness and appeal? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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