5 Signs of a Dying Tree You Shouldn’t Ignore

You might love that tree in your backyard or front yard, but it’s not going to be helpful to anyone if it falls and damages either your property or hurts someone walking on your property. 

But what are the signs of a dying tree? How do you know if a tree is healthy and well? 

Read on to see 5 distinct signs of a dead tree. This way you can protect your property and your loved ones from a falling tree by using tree removal services asap.

1. The Tree Isn’t Growing Straight up

Trees grow straight up towards the sun because they are moving towards their source of nutrition. Even if a tree starts growing crooked at first, due to some reason, it will straighten itself up after that to grow towards the sun.

That’s what trees do. No matter what, they grow straight up towards the sky. If your tree isn’t doing that, that’s how to tell if a tree is dying. 

2. The Tree Doesn’t Have Any Leaves

You know from biology in middle school that a tree gets its nutrition and makes chlorophyll by taking in the sun’s rays and using the process of photosynthesis. But if your tree doesn’t have any leaves, then how will it get its nutrition? 

It’s impossible. Some of its nutrition does come from the roots, but most of it is from the leaves. If your tree doesn’t have any leaves, then it won’t be able to survive for much longer. It is, unfortunately, on its way to tree heaven.

3. The Tree Has Unhealthy Bark

If your tree’s bark is forming holes in several places or is easy to scrape off, then it’s a bad sign indeed. The bark is what protects the tree from harmful invasions, pests, and rot. 

If the bark gets weak, then it’s a sign that you might need to call tree removal services.

4. The Tree Has Brittle Branches

Same as with the bark, if your tree has branches that are easy to snap off, or are falling off the tree, then it’s a sign that your poor tree might be dying. If many branches are falling off, then it’s time for you to call tree services.

5. The Tree Is Infested by Other Species

Normally, a tree is a home to many other species of birds, fungus, bacteria, insects, and more. That’s quite natural, of course. But when a tree is dying, it’s unable to fend off attacks by pests, and invasive species of fungus.

If you start seeing a sudden increase in the growth of fungus around the roots of the tree, then it is time to call an arborist or tree services. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

The Signs of a Dying Tree Are Quite Evident

As you can see, you will easily be able to gauge the signs of a dying tree and apply them to your own tree. This way you can get help for your tree if it’s not too late, or call for tree removal services to take your friend away.

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