5 Telltale Signs You Need to Remove a Tree From Your Yard

Home improvement projects are almost a rite of passage for homeowners. With the pandemic keeping so many people at home over the last or two, many homeowners took on renovations that they might otherwise have put off. One of the more popular home improvement projects is landscaping.

It’s a chance to spend a little time outdoors and beautify the exterior of your home. Of course, if your landscaping includes trees, there is always the possibility that you will need to remove a tree at some point.

Not sure what should make you consider tree removal? Keep reading for five signs it’s time for a tree to go.

1. Disease

Like most living things, there are many common diseases that affect trees. Most tree diseases are fungal or bacterial in nature. Many of them simply leave a tree looking unsightly by damaging leaves or fruit.

In other cases, such as canker diseases, the infection can kill the tree outright. If you see an infection, you should consult with an arborist. They can tell you whether you can save the tree or if you should call a tree removal service to cut down the dying tree.

2. Dead Tree

Sometimes, a tree is dead before you realize it. For example, it died from the inside out. A dead tree is a threat to everything around it, as it may collapse at any time.

If you find a dead tree or one you think is dead on your property, you should call a tree removal company.

3. Risk of Home Damage

Sometimes, a tree grows so large that it could threaten your home, or you might need to fell a leaning tree to prevent potential damage. A storm might knock a limb loose that could land on the roof. It’s also possible that the roots may compromise your foundation or basement.

In these instances, tree removal is typically the best option for protecting the structure.

4. Crowding

If you get too many trees trying to grow in the area, they can ultimately deprive each other of nutrients. Instead of a lot of beautiful trees, you get a lot of sickly trees. Removing one or more trees can potentially improve the health of the ones that are left.

5. Shedding

A perfectly healthy tree can still leave your gutters, roof, and driveway littered with leaves, branches, and even seeds. Some homeowners find it necessary to remove the tree to stop the constant flow of debris on their property.

Deciding if You Should Remove a Tree

For many homeowners, the decision to should remove a tree is a painful one. Trees are a natural resource that many people prove loathe to cut down without extreme cause. Yet, there are times when removing a tree is a practical or necessary thing.

Trees with a disease or that are already dead often need removal before they fall down. Trees that grow too large can threaten a home. Sometimes, a tree just sheds too much debris.

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