Can You Plant Trees in the Fall?

Most trees shed their leaves during fall as they prepare for winter. Many Foster residents believe fall is the worst time to plant trees since temperatures drop and established trees enter dormancy. However, planting trees in autumn isn’t as bad as many homeowners think.

So, can you plant trees in the fall? To answer this and more, our team at Meadows Tree Service created a guide explaining everything you need to know about autumn tree planting.

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Can You Plant New Trees in Autumn?

Most people associate tree planting with spring and summer. Although spring is an ideal time to plant flowers, vegetables, and other flora, it isn’t the best season for tree planting.

So, can you plant trees in the fall? Absolutely!

Fall is arguably the best time to plant new trees. The warm soil, cool air, and excess rainfall make perfect environmental conditions for trees, helping them develop vigorous root systems faster and more efficiently. Planting trees in fall is a great way to get a head start on next year’s growing season and will make maintenance less strenuous. 

Although you can plant trees throughout fall, it’s best to start at the beginning of the season. This will give the tree time to develop before dormancy, helping it withstand Texas’s hot spring and summer temperatures more efficiently. 

Benefits of Planting Trees in the Fall

Planting trees in fall provides numerous benefits to trees while making the process much easier. Below are a few advantages of fall landscaping.

Less Maintenance

Fall often signifies the end of the gardening season since cooler temperatures set in. Most homeowners don’t spend as much time gardening as they do during spring and summer, allowing you to focus on planting new trees.

Additionally, Texas sees a decent amount of rain in the early fall, which means you won’t have to manually water your trees as frequently. The cooler temperatures also help the soil retain moisture, further shortening your maintenance route.

Helps the Tree Establish

Texas’s warm springs and scorching summers can take a toll on young developing trees. The hot temperatures put immense stress on trees, making it difficult for them to grow a thriving root system. Planting trees in fall allows the tree’s roots to develop before temperatures rise, making it more resilient.

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