Four Reasons Why Dead Tree Branch Removal is A Must

Every healthy tree has occasional dead branches, and often this isn’t a cause for concern. However, while a dead limb or two usually doesn’t result in dead trees, neither does it help the tree. 

At the very least, a dead tree branch removal makes a tree more pleasing to look at, and at best, it can prevent the threat of disease or death. We’ll explore four reasons property owners should routinely remove dead tree branches below. 

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1. Boosts Property Value 

There’s no denying that a sickly-looking tree with several dead branches simply doesn’t look good. 

Even if the rest of your yard is well-maintained and the inside of your home doesn’t have a speck of dust, dead branches give the wrong impression. Passers-by might see dead branches hanging and assume the rest of your home is in bad shape. 

Regularly pruning and trimming your trees can help remove dead branches and improve your tree’s overall appearance. 

2. Safety Reasons

Dead branches have the habit of quickly falling, and anyone walking by can get hurt. Additionally, if your tree sits close to your roof or above where your family usually parks, you can experience property damage, especially during a storm. 

Business owners should remove dead branches for safety reasons. A tree limb falling on a worker or customer can prompt them to file a liability claim. 

3. Promotes a Healthy Tree

Regularly pruning and trimming dead branches off a young tree promotes better growth. When a branch dies, a tree typically uses more stored energy to try to revive it, often unsuccessfully. 

Dead tree branch removal allows the tree to sprout new branches and direct its stored energy to the rest of the tree. Dead branches may also indicate your tree is carrying a disease or infection. When left unchecked, whatever illness kills your branches can spread to the entire tree. 

Removing dead branches can also help your tree flower and produce bigger, juicier fruits. 

4. Deters Pests like Insects and Rodents 

If you glance at any of your trees, you’ll probably find some insects moving around or squirrels or birds making nests. Your tree having guests is far from being an issue, but some pests you’ll want to deter. A tree with dead branches or rotting wood becomes a haven for nasty vermin. 

Dead branches lead to a dying, decaying tree, leading to decomposing material that becomes a perfect snack for termites, skunks, carpenter ants, bears, and woodpeckers. Snakes, mice, and salamanders also like to make a decaying tree their home. 

Removing a dead tree branch prevents a tree from dying and deters unwanted pests. 

Meadows Tree Service Is Here to Help 

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