Six Surprising Facts About Trees

Our entire ecosystem depends on plants and trees for numerous reasons. As tree service experts in Foster, we truly can’t overstate the value of trees. Despite international drives for tree conservation, deforestation continues to raise concern as the population of trees reduces significantly.  

In the spirit of safeguarding trees and highlighting their value in promoting and preserving biodiversity, we’ll discuss a few interesting and lesser-known facts about trees. 

1. Trees Can Lower Stress Levels and Reduce Crime Rates  

Did you know that we have an innate affinity for nature? That’s why human beings naturally love trees. Merely looking at trees can make you feel happy, less stressed and even boost your creativity.  

Also, who knew trees could fight crime? Several research findings reveal tree-embedded areas to have exceptionally low crime rates.   

2. Christmas Trees Originated in Germany  

For most people, you can’t have Christmas without a decorated Christmas tree. But where did this popular tradition originate? Historians agree that the tradition started in early modern Germany.  

3. Tree Roots Change to Survive Hostile Environments  

Despite popular belief, tree roots often lie no deeper than the top 18 inches of soil, regardless of tree age. This relatively shallow depth, however, rarely compromises a tree’s lateral growth.  

Some tree roots change to cope with harsh conditions. For example, some roots will store food and water, while those in large water bodies often produce support roots for added protection against storms.  

4. Trees Can Share Nutrients 

One of the most interesting facts about trees is that they have a symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizal fungi that live on their roots. The fungi help trees absorb more nutrients and water from the soil while the trees share their spoils from photosynthesis.  

5. Trees Help in Climate Change  

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis while people breathe out carbon dioxide. That’s one of the primary elements of the carbon cycle. That explains why trees remain the focal point of carbon sequestration.  

Plenty of companies and ecosystem services worldwide commit to tree planting and protection as part of their efforts to counteract greenhouse gas emissions.  

6. Some Trees Can Attract Predators of Their Enemies  

The so-called gentle giants may look rather harmless, but they let on more than they seem, often employing ingenious tactics to survive their attackers. Besides producing chemicals to attack insects, for instance, some trees send airborne chemicals, apparently warning nearby trees to prepare for an attack.  

These coded communication signals even traverse the plant kingdom. Some trees have been shown to attract parasites and predators of their own parasites and predators. Talk about calling for backup.  

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