Arborist Shares Tree Pruning Tips To Help Residents Of Katy Tx

Pruning is an important preventive maintenance for trees which helps protect your trees, families and property from injury, pest infestation and damage. It’s an important aspect of a long-term maintenance strategy to keep healthy and luxuriant trees that stay strong, and healthy all year round.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is the practice of removing specific portions or parts of a tree, shrub or plants that are dead and dying due to pests, disease, or lack of sunlight. Essentially, pruning is done for healthy tree growth and aesthetic purposes.

What Are The Benefits Of Pruning?

Promote Plant Health

Pruning enables you to remove dead and dying branches and stubs which ultimately creates room for new growth and protection of your household and property from damage. Pruning also deters pests and rodent infestation, and promote the tree’s natural shape and healthy growth

Maintain Beautiful landscapes

Pruning encourages healthy fruits and flower production for trees and shrubs. By trimming your trees regularly, you help them develop hedge aesthetics and stay evergreen. This supports your property’s planned layout appearance with trees maintaining their healthy size and shape

Protect Your Family

Big trees with diseased branches can worsen the impact of storms on your property. Regular pruning or trimming helps you reduce the risk of storm damage to you, your loved ones, and your structure from broken branches. In addition, pruning helps control pests, vermin, and snakes by reducing their habitat option.

General Tree Pruning Tips  

  • Prune when the tree is in its dormant season. This helps prevent excessive bleeding of sap that may occur as a result of inappropriate cutting. Leaving your trees to become overgrown can disfigure your property during winter or spring. To prevent damage to your trees, you should engage the service of a professional arborist.
  • Be conscientious about the size of the branch you are going to remove. Generally, it is recommended to remove only less than 5 centimeters in diameter – anything between 5 and 10 centimeters may have a damaging effect on your trees especially if you’re not a trained arborist.
  • Only prune branches that have weak, V-shaped, narrow angles. You should retain branches that have strong, U-shaped angles.
  • Prune away branches more when the trees are young. This enables you to manage the process as well as prevent the risk of leaving your trees with deep scars which may expose them to diseases or infections.

Where To Find The Best Tree Service In Katy Tx for Effective Pruning Service

One of the best and most reliable arborist companies when it comes to tree pruning service in Katy Tx is Meadow Tree Services. Meadow Tree Service is a family owned and operated business serving homeowners and businesses in Katy and its environs. Tree care experts at Meadow Tree Service are recognized for their excellent, customer-focused service which makes them the best hands to handle the pruning needs of your tree. They provide top-notch tree care services at competitive prices. To speak with one of the best Katy Tx arborists, visit their official website or call (832) 692-4931

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