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Not all trees are meant to last forever. Sometimes, a tree needs to be removed for safety or other reasons. 

Meadows Tree Service, a leading Sugarland, TX, tree service can handle all your tree removal needs.

It has a team of professionals who are knowledgeable and utilise the right equipment like tractors and stump grinders to safely remove your trees, without causing any damage to your property. 

5 Signs Your Tree Requires Tree Removal 

Here are five signs that a tree requires tree removal

1. Significant Structural Damage

If a tree has a large crack, is leaning to one side, or has fungus or mushrooms growing on the trunk, it is likely to have structural damage and may be in danger of collapsing. Especially if the damage is in the lower part of the trunk where it helps to support the tree’s weight. 

2. Diseased or Infested

If a tree is infected by a disease, insect, or fungus, it is a good indication that it is unhealthy and cannot survive for much longer. Diseased trees are likely to spread such infections to other trees nearby and should be removed as soon as possible.

3. Visible Decay

If you notice any kind of rot, decay, or splitting on a tree’s trunk, it could be a sign of advanced decay within the tree. This is especially concerning after stormy weather when strong winds can cause damage. 

4. Fungal Growth

Fungal growth on parts of the tree can be an indication that other organisms are already beginning to decay the tree. In addition to concern for further decay, the spores released by the fungus can be harmful to anyone nearby.

5.  Root Damage

If your tree is exhibiting signs of root damage, such as exposed roots or a cracked root system, this could be a sign that your tree needs to be removed.

About Meadows Tree Service

Tree removal can be hazardous and you will require a professional service like Meadows Tree Service to handle it safely. 

It has over 10 years of experience in providing tree services to homeowners and businesses in the Sugarland, TX area. 

Its team of highly trained professionals provide comprehensive tree care services that are tailored to the individual needs of homeowners and businesses throughout the area. 

It offers a variety of services such as tree trimming and pruning, emergency tree services, land clearing and storm clean up.

Visit its official website or call 8326924931 to get a free estimate.

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