Katy Tree Company Announces Emergency Tree Services For Residents

Trees are amazing, they add greenness and freshness to any landscape, wherever they are planted. They add to the curb appeal of a property and can serve as protective windbreaks and even provide shelter.

Nonetheless, it is possible for issues to arise with trees that affect the way they look or their health. There could be storms or earthquakes and other unexpected events that could damage them. These issues could also pose a danger to both people and properties around those trees. 

These are good reasons for anyone with trees around to have emergency tree services handy. Determining when the professionals should be called in is also not always easy because it is not everyone that can notice when a tree needs some emergency care. But here are some things to look out for:

Abnormal Leaning

This is one of the signs that could be noticed on a tree that might require professional attention. Trees usually lean because the roots have been compromised in some way, and roots are the structural support system of any tree, they should be solid. Professionals should be called as soon as this is noticed.

Storm Damage

One of the most common periods of time when emergency tree services are needed is just after a storm. Storms can be strong, and merciless, bowling over anything in their paths including trees. There could be whole trees uprooted or branches that break off, which can be dangerous. Professionals will be able to handle broken or fallen trees safely and efficiently.

Proximity to Power Lines

Trees are sometimes planted or they grow close to power lines. This might create an emergency situation sooner or later because electricity can arc for a distance of up to 10 feet, especially in wet weather. This is not something that anyone should try to fix on their own, it requires the attention of professional emergency tree services.

Finding The Best Emergency Tree Service Experts In Katy, Texas

Emergencies with your tree can occur at any moment. This makes it a good idea to have a tree service that can handle all your tree emergencies on hand. 

If you live in or around Katy, Texas, Meadows Tree Service is a perfect fit for you.They have over a decade of experience in handling all manner of tree emergency situations, and they are available 24 hours a day. 

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