Local Arborist Share Fall Fertilization Tips for Residents of Katy, TX

Fall tree care is essential to your trees as it helps them survive winter and prepare for the coming season. Fertilizing your trees during fall is necessary to allow them to strengthen their roots and keep them healthy and well nourished during cold days.

If you need professional advice or assistance for your fall fertilization, Meadows Tree Service has certified arborists with decades of experience available to provide you with all the support you need.

Why You Should Fertilize Your Tree In Fall

Your trees need a stronger, healthier root to survive harsh winter weather. Fertilizing your tree during fall helps provide the proper nutrients they need to develop a stronger root.

Fall fertilization also helps your trees renew all the nutrients they had used to produce fruit during the last season and supply new nutrients as they prepare for the next season.

When To Do Your Fall fertilization

Late fall is the best time to fertilize your trees. Fertilizing your trees in late fall, when the soil is wet, will promote your trees’ health and help them develop a more robust and deeper root system.

Fertilize your trees before it snows, and the ground starts to freeze, allowing the fertilizer to absorb properly into the soil and strengthen their root system.

What Type of Fertilizer to Use

The kind of fertilizer you should use for your tree depends on the species, soil condition, and age of the tree. To determine whether your tree needs a fast-release or slow-release fertilizer, you should conduct a soil test or seek professional advice.

How to Apply Fertilizer

When applying fertilizer to your tree, don’t just cover the base of your tree, as the root system is usually wider than the size of your tree. 

Using your hands or a spreader, spread the fertilizer over the entire root system of your tree. 

It is advisable to water your tree for a couple of days after applying fertilizer to ensure that the fertilizer properly penetrates the soil. 

Work with the Best Arborists in Katy, Texas

Meadow Tree Service is a tree care service with over a decade of experience, serving residents of Katy, Texas. They have a team of arborists who care about you and your property and are committed to giving your trees the best care.

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