Meadows Tree Service Shares Tree Removal Safety Tips To Residents Of Foster, TX

Trees are an important component in the ecosystem. They provide shade, and fresh air, as well as enhance the curb appeal of your property. But in some cases, trees can also pose serious danger to you or your property, which may necessitate cutting down the affected tree. However, tree removal can be risky and should be handled with great care. 

Tree removal can be dangerous, particularly if you don’t have prior experience or have the right equipment to do the job. To ensure that your tree removal is done properly and safely, turn to Meadows Tree Service to assist with all your tree care service in Foster, TX needs.

Signs That It’s Time To Seek Professional Tree Removal Service

A dying Trunk

In many cases, you can deduce a lot about your tree’s overall health condition by looking at your tree trunk. If the bark is falling off the truck, or if the truck itself is cracked, or sounds hollow when you knock on it, it could mean that your tree is dying rapidly. A weak truck can lead to sudden collapse, which may cause serious damage to your property or injure anyone within the vicinity. 

Rotting Root

When the root becomes weaker due to disease or insect infestation, it threatens the safety and stability of your tree. Some of the signs that your tree’s root is rooting include presence of holes and dips on your lawn and mushroom growth. When the root dies and disintegrates, your fall could fall suddenly, causing damage to your property, neighbor’s property or utility line.

Fungal Infection

If you notice fungus like mushrooms growing at the bottom of your tree, it could mean that your tree has been attacked and probably already dying. However, it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether the fungus actually constitutes a serious threat to your tree or not. To clear your doubts, it’s important to speak to a professional arborist for proper inspection

Storm Damage

If your area has experienced a serious windstorm or harsh winter, you may notice some damage to your tree. Although trees are resilient, they can suffer storm damage. Signs of storm damage may include a cracked trunk, falling branches, missing limbs, or exposed roots.

If you need professional assistance with tree removal in Foster, TX, speak to the experts at Meadows Tree Services today. Meadows Tree Services is a licensed and certified tree service company serving residents in Foster, TX.

Meadows Tree Services provides storm cleanup and emergency tree services and are capable of handling every aspect of stressful or dangerous tree situations. For more information, visit their official website or call: (832) 692-4931.

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