Professional Deep Root Fertilization Services Available in Sugarland, TX

Healthy trees make for a beautiful and healthy atmosphere and for homeowners with trees, they also increase the market value of their properties. 

Trees, however, can become diseased or ill in different situations and this is usually evident by different signs such as yellowing of leaves, haphazard growth of new shoots, darkened leaves, white deposits, yellow spots, and dying tips of branches, or even visible decay. 

Trees found in urban areas do not have enough of the natural nutrients needed to survive when compared to those in natural forests, especially since leaf litter which can be a good source of nutrients is usually cleaned up before they get broken down.

Fertilization is an important tree care method that provides essential nutrients needed to keep trees healthy and restore the general well-being of diseased trees. 

Deep Root Fertilization is a method of fertilization where liquid fertilizers are injected into the soil around a tree’s roots to about 5 to 8 inches where the feeder roots are found.

This method utilizes professional equipment to ensure that a blend of necessary nutrients and organic matter gets directly to the roots while also providing proper aeration for the soil.

Trying to do it the DIY method may lead to more mistakes that affect tree health, so working with professionals like Meadows Tree Service who perform comprehensive tree inspections, diagnose and then proceed to carry out expert deep root fertilization where necessary are the best option. 

They determine the best deep root fertilization methods for each tree depending on the specific species, health conditions, and the surrounding landscape. 

Why Deep Root Fertilization is Necessary for Trees Sugarland, TX

Sugarland is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas with a population of over 110,000 persons and counting since 2019. As a developing suburban area without dead animals or decaying tree litter like forest areas, it cannot provide enough nutrients to trees in the environment, hence the need for deep root fertilization. 

Choose Meadows Tree Service For Your Deep Root Fertilization

Meadows Tree Service is a family-owned and operated tree care company with over a decade of experience in providing high-quality tree care services to residents in Texas. 

Their business and values are founded on customer service, giving them a sense of great pride in doing their best work and ensuring that the results meet your expectations. 

James Meadows, the founder of Meadows Tree Service is an ISA certified arborist in Texas, born and brought up in Katy, TX with strong ties to the community.

To speak to a tree professional at Meadows Tree Service, call +18326924931 or visit their website.

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