Protect your Property from Winter Storm Damage through Proper Tree Pruning

Storms cause inevitable damage to trees. However, with proper tree pruning, you can reduce the effect of storms on your trees. 

Meadow Tree Service is a reliable Sugarland tree service with experienced arborists who can help prevent winter storm damage on your trees by properly pruning them. 

4 Damages Storms Cause to Trees

There are several damages that storms can cause to trees. Here are four of these damages:

1. Broken Branches

Sometimes storms with strong winds, hail, and ice can cause tree branches to break or snap.

2. Uprooted Trees

Storms can cause trees to be uprooted from the ground, which can be particularly dangerous to both lives and properties, especially if the tree falls onto a structure or power line.

3. Bark Damage

Sometimes storms dent and bruise a tree’s bark, which can weaken the tree and make it more susceptible to disease.

4. Leaning Trees

Lightning can damage a tree’s internal structure, causing it to start leaning and become unstable and potentially dangerous. Flooding can also weaken a tree’s roots, making it more prone to falling over.

2 Ways Proper Tree Pruning Can Prevent Storm Damage 

Proper tree trimming and pruning are not guaranteed against storm damage, but they can reduce the likelihood of damage occurring. Tree trimming can help prevent storm damage in a few ways. 

1. Remove Dead or Diseased Branches 

When a tree has dead, diseased, or damaged branches, it can increase the likelihood of suffering damage during a storm. Dead or diseased branches are more prone to breaking and falling, and if they fall during a storm, they can cause property damage or even injury to people. Removing them can help reduce the effect of the storms on the tree. 

2. Remove Excess Foliage 

Removing excess foliage from trees and thinning out the canopy can help to reduce wind resistance and increase the tree’s stability. 

When a tree has a dense, heavy canopy, it is more susceptible to being toppled or broken by strong winds. By trimming the tree to remove excess foliage and thin out the canopy, you can help to reduce the wind load on the tree and make it less likely to suffer damage during a storm.

About Meadow Tree Service

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