Quality Root Crown Excavation Services in Sugarland, TX

Like any other living organism, trees need things like nutrients, water, and oxygen to survive and thrive. If any of the requirements are missing, it may result in abnormal growth, weak structure, and even death. One of the conditions that can prevent your tree from getting the needed nutrients is the wrong placement of the root crown.

Fortunately, the condition can be corrected by removing dirt and other obstruction from the base of the tree until the root flare is visible. This process is called root crown excavation.

Meadows Tree Service is excited to offer quality and affordable root crown excavation services to residents and businesses in Sugarland, TX, and surrounding areas. Meadows Tree Service boasts experienced arborists who are well trained, skilled, and equipped to perform root crown excavation fast and correctly. The team has years of experience and promises to invigorate and revive the beauty of your tree.

Why is root crown excavation important?

When dirt or mulch is stuck at the lower part of the trunk, it prevents your tree from absorbing the water and nutrients they need to grow and survive. Root crown excavation helps reduce compaction around the trunk and exposes the base of your tree to maximum sunlight, water, and nutrients.

In addition, removing excess soil from the root base allows professionals to identify and address issues such as girding roots which otherwise would not have been seen.

It is advised to allow a professional arborist to perform the root crown excavation to prevent damage to the root of your tree. An injury to the root can lead to irreversible root death.

The experts at Meadows Tree Service offer free consultation services, including physical inspection to know the condition of your tree and what is needed to fix the issue. They offer services in and around Sugarland, TX, and surrounding areas.

Contact Certified Arborist for Root Crown Excavation Management

Generally, if a tree’s root crown is excessively covered by dirt, soil, or mulch, it needs to be exposed to absorb the air and light it needs. 

The professional root crown excavation service offered at Meadows Tree Service is designed to revive your tree by exposing the lower trunk. The team is licensed, insured, and certified to deliver a prompt and quality service. You simply cannot go wrong working with the highly qualified tree experts at Meadows Tree Service.

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