Richmond, TX, Tree Service Provider offers Spring Tree Trimming Tips

Spring has been widely known for cleaning. However, it can also be a time to take care of your tree and ensure it stays healthy. 

Why Should You Prune Your Trees during Spring? 

Here are some reasons why should consider pruning during spring:

Aesthetics and beauty

Pruning doesn’t always have to be an activity that’s undertaken for the health of the tree alone, it can be done for aesthetic reasons too. Your tree can be pruned so that it’d look more pleasing aesthetically and for it to be more attractive.

For you to ensure that you don’t put the tree at any risks whatsoever, you should make sure that not more than 10% of the tree’s branches are removed. When you work with experts like Meadows Tree Service, you’re not likely to bring any harm to your tree.

Getting your tree pruned for safety

You should make sure that your trees don’t experience overgrowth. A three showing signs of overgrowth can cause potential damage to you or your property. They should be trimmed and pruned immediately. Meadows Tree Service has experienced arborists that can inspect your tree and tell you if the tree is already experiencing overgrowth.

Tree Care Tips for Spring

1. Do a spring clean for your tree

Use your rake to collect and remove fallen debris under the tree. You’d often find leaves, fruits, or twigs under a tree. The debris under the tree can be a breeding spot for fungal growth. Use your rake to gather any debris beneath trees. Any debris under the tree can be a ground for fungal growth.

2. Check for dead parts

At the beginning of spring, you should inspect the trees in your yard. During this inspection, you should look out for parts of trees that aren’t coming into leaf, this is a sign that those parts are dead.

3. Monitor trees and shrubs

The winter season sometimes comes with extreme weather. During the spring clean of your yard, you should pay attention to your trees and shrubs to see if they’ve been damaged in any way. 

Where Can You Find the Best Spring Trimming and Pruning Services?

Meadows Tree Service is a family-owned, and locally-operated tree service company in Richmond, TX. They specialize in offering excellent tree care services such as tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, emergency tree service, land clearing, and storm cleanup.They have a team of professional arborists on standby ready to attend to the tree services needs, whether residential or commercial, at competitive rates.

To speak to a tree care expert at Meadows Tree Service call (832) 692-4931.

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