Tree Care Experts in Sugarland, TX, are Available for Fall Tree Pruning

Meadows Tree Service, a reliable tree service in Sugarland, TX, offers fall tree pruning services to prepare your trees for winter. 

It has a team of professional arborists who are passionate about trees and are vast in their knowledge of tree care. 

Why Your Tree Needs Fall Tree Pruning 

Fall tree pruning influences tree growth, however that’s not all its benefits as it is much more beneficial to trees. Here are some of its benefits below:

Stimulates Growth

Fall pruning helps stimulate tree growth. Hence, if you want to see strong new growth on your trees, prune regularly.

Fall tree pruning helps reshape trees that are growing out of balance.


Pruning trees near properties like homes, sheds, or play structures, is a great idea. This is because heavy branches from the can break off or the tree may fall, potentially posing a danger to lives and the properties.

Enhance Tree Health 

Tree pruning involves the removal of dead, diseased or unnecessary branches from a tree. Pruning in fall helps to keep the trees healthy and ready for the harsh winter weather.

Fall pruning also affords the tree time to heal before winter comes along. 

Improve Tree Appearance 

Trees enhance the aesthetics of properties hence their appearance is often the top priority to most homeowners. Fall tree pruning helps get rid of dead or unwanted branches, as well as suckers, to give the trees a pleasing shape, making them appear neat and tidy.

Encourages Fruit Growth

The pruning process can induce growth spurs which produce the flowers and fruit to form on branches. Pruning fruit trees in fall provides better air circulation around the fruit and this reduces the spread of fruit diseases and fruit ripens quicker.

About Meadows Tree Service

If you’re in Sugarland, TX, Meadows Tree Service is your best bet for tree fall pruning. 

It is a family-owned and operated business that was built on customer-based referrals. Meadows Tree Service is particular about satisfying its clients and it takes pride in exceeding its client’s expectations. 

It has a team of skilled and experienced arborists who are vast in their knowledge of tree care. Its team delivers high-quality work at an affordable fee. 

Meadows Tree Service offers other services such as tree removal, emergency tree removal services and deep root fertilisation. 

You can visit its official website or call (832) 6924931 to speak with a professional arborist.

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