What Is Root Collar Excavation: Is It the Same as Root Crown Excavation?

A root collar excavation is the same thing as a root crown excavation. While both terms evoke frightening images, the process is not nearly as scary as it sounds. In this article, we’ll look at why you might need this Foster tree service by Meadows Tree Services.

What Is a Root Collar Excavation? 

A collar excavation allows the trunk to breathe and take in more nutrients. This procedure prevents girdling roots and helps your trees remain healthy. 

During a root collar excavation, your arborist carefully digs out the soil and mulch that accumulate around the trunk. They use an air spade to displace the material without disturbing the root system. 

The goal is to expose the root flare, allowing the tree to breathe correctly. 

In nature, trees should flare at the base. Over the years, mulch and other debris build up around the trunk. If you don’t see the flared shape at the base and only see a straight trunk, it’s time to call Meadows Tree Services. Our professional arborists will:

  • Evaluate the condition of the tree
  • Perform the root collar excavation
  • Check for signs of disease, fungi, or pest infestation
  • Establish the next steps, if necessary

Our team will help you transform your trees into the best shape of their lives after a thorough checkup. Our team will run soil and moisture tests to ensure that your trees are growing under optimal conditions. 

Why Do You Need a Root Collar Excavation? 

Mulch can be both a good and bad thing; it’s nutrient-dense, but the moisture content is high. Too much water in contact with the bark can: 

  • Cause the bark to begin to rot
  • Flood the cells in the trunk, impeding their ability to perform
  • Damage the delicate osmotic balance by which trees draw up water
  • Make it difficult for the tree to respire
  • Pave the way for pests to gain a foothold
  • Damage the tree’s defenses against illness 
  • Warp the trunk

If you don’t deal with this issue, the tree’s roots begin to grow out of the ground and may then start to strangle the trunk. As these girdling roots grow more robust, they constrict the trunk more, and the tree suffocates. 

However, don’t panic, as all is not lost. Your arborist will perform the excavation and then prune the roots to get them back under control. 

Overall, bringing in a professional to perform this task once a year is an excellent way to maintain healthy trees. An annual check is an excellent investment considering the cost of replacing seedlings and how long they take to grow.

Are you concerned about the state of your trees but unsure of what steps to take? Contact Meadows Tree Services at (832) 692-4931 and speak to one of our friendly team members. Our professional arborists will evaluate your trees and design your custom strategy. 

We’ll look at several areas, such as root collar excavation, trimming the branches, and a guide to fall fertilization.

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