3 Signs a Tree Needs Water

Trees are fairly resilient and possess a knack for weathering all sorts of environmental stresses. However, even these sturdy stalwarts of the natural world quickly decline without ample hydration.

The most reliable tree service in Foster, Meadows Tree Service, knows how the local climate can vacillate between deluge and drought. Keep reading to learn the signs a tree needs water, a crucial aspect of keeping your tree healthy. By understanding these signs, you can always ensure your leafy companions have enough to keep them going and maintain their overall health.

#1 Changes in Foliage

A tree’s vibrant foliage is not just for show; it can serve as a general indicator of health. When your specimen thirsts for water, the leaves will be the first to show it. For example, the leaves might start to wilt, curl at the edges, or turn yellow.

This isn’t your tree trying out for a new autumnal look ahead of schedule; it’s a distress signal. In more severe cases, the leaves turn brown and brittle, breaking off at the slightest touch.

#2 Brittle Bark

A healthy tree has supple, resilient bark that can withstand some pressure. As water levels drop, this bark becomes unusually hard and may start to crack or peel. It’s not a feature exclusive to the tree’s trunk either; even the smaller branches may show similar symptoms.

In extreme cases, you might notice entire chunks of bark falling off, leaving behind bare spots. All of these are signs a tree needs water, so don’t wait too long to bring out the hose.

#3 The State of the Soil

Since the symptoms of overwatering and underwatering can look fairly similar, it’s best not to just go ahead and water when you notice the above symptoms. First, dig a little deeper to check the ground; it can tell you a lot.

Screwdriver Method

Stick a long screwdriver into the soil around your tree. Don’t go too close to the tree, as you’ll want to avoid potential root damage. If there’s too much resistance to the screwdriver in the soil, your tree might need more moisture.

Touch Method

This technique requires more effort but is more accurate. 

Dig a small spot near your tree until you reach a depth of six to eight inches. Grab a handful of soil and feel it as you roll it around in your fingers. If it’s dry and crumbles like a stale cookie, the tree needs extra moisture. 

Properly hydrated soil should feel cool and moist but not sopping wet.

Consult a Local Tree Expert Today!

From tree trunks missing bark to canopies sporting their fall color too soon, many signs a tree needs water also indicate complications like pests or disease. That’s where Meadows Tree Service comes in! 

We have the tools and expertise necessary to help you with the following:

  • Diagnose the real issue causing your tree’s decline
  • Provide targeted treatments based on the tree’s specific needs
  • Recommend a comprehensive maintenance plan for the tree’s long-term health
  • Deliver emergency tree-related services in Foster, Texas, and more

Don’t water right away; give Meadows Tree Service a call at (832) 692-4931 first for insight or assistance watering new trees for amazing results.

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