The Different Types of Evergreen Trees in Texas, Explained

Do you want to plant a new tree in your Texas home?

Trees enhance the beauty of your property, assist in minimizing energy expenses, and increase the value of your house. But which evergreen trees in Texas are most adapted to the severe heat and dry weather found here?

Many homeowners are unsure of which tree species have thrived in their environment. You may be unaware that planting these species on your home may cut your water costs, reduce the time you spend on upkeep, and lessen the danger of a tree’s limbs falling due to drought stress.

Continue reading to discover more about different types of evergreen trees in Texas.

1. Eldarica Pine Tree

This tree is indigenous to the Middle East’s deserts and dry areas. But it appears to be a good plant in a variety of soils in Texas. The Eldarica Pine is a tall, straight tree with medium-sized needles and cones. It’s a drought-tolerant tree that thrives in well-drained soils.

2. Live Oak Evergreen Trees in Texas

One of the first trees that immediately comes to mind when considering excellent shade evergreen trees in Texas is the Live Oak. These heritage trees are prevalent in this region because of their endurance and capacity to offer continuous shade.

They are also effective in providing year-round screening. Live Oak trees are texas evergreens with a majestic look and a large canopy.

When appropriately planted around a household, it can help decrease temperatures inside houses. For years to come, live oak trees will be family favorites.

3. Camphor Trees

Once grown, this tree is drought tolerant. It has a broad, rounded canopy that may give lots of shade covering for sun relief.

This natural beauty flourishes in humid environments, making it ideal for the Texas area. It blooms profusely in late April with beautiful yellow flowers.

People talk more than simply about its beautiful blossom. They often talk about smashing the glossy, curved leaves to enjoy the aromatherapy effects.
You can plant Camphor trees in rows to create a privacy barrier.

4. The Eastern Red Cedar

These are giant trees that grow full to the ground in their natural habitat. But, you can trim to have a high canopy in more of a tree design.

This drought-tolerant native plant may be found across North and Central Texas. It has a thick evergreen canopy that you may utilize for screening.

It produces lovely blue fruits. The Eastern Red Cedar has a unique scent and visually appealing redwood.

5. Magnolia

Magnolias are usually referred to as “southern” trees. This is because they are among trees that can thrive in Texas but the more eastern parts.

They have big, waxy, beautiful white blooms. They also have substantial glossy, dark green, velvety leaves that are visually appealing.

Magnolias usually do well in full sun, which Texas has plenty of. However, they also need deep, well-drained soils to thrive.

Best Evergreen Trees for Your Home

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