Tree on Power Line: Prevention and Steps To Take

One of the most common dangers a property owner can face is a tree on a power line issue.

Any tree within 10 to 15 feet of power lines becomes extremely dangerous and requires professional tree care. In fact, electrocution remains a leading cause of fatalities among professional arborists, attributed to at least 17% of all fatalities.

It doesn’t matter if the power line is a high-voltage primary line, secondary distribution line, or service line providing power directly to your home. All power lines with tree branches touching on them can be fatal to anyone performing the tree work.

Because of the dangers of trees near power and utility lines, professional tree care companies exercise caution when working around them. We explain how tree pruning and removal provided by the tree service in Katy by Meadows Tree Service takes account of the potential danger associated with trees that grow near power lines.

Who Should Trim or Remove a Tree on a Power Line?

While it may be tempting to attempt to prune your trees, you should not do so, especially if a tree grows near a power line. In fact, it may be illegal.

Property owners who try to trim trees near power lines underestimate the level of danger involved, the severest which include:

  • Electrocution
  • Severe Burns

If you have a tree on a power line on your property, your best bet is to call the tree removal experts to prune or remove it. Arborists know how to carry out this type of tree work to ensure minimal impact and potential dangers to passing traffic and nearby property. You will need to schedule the tree removal or pruning and pay for the work yourself.

On the contrary, if the tree on the power line is on public property, the responsibility for its removal lies with the power company. The utility company responsible will first ask nearby property owners for permission to trim or remove the offending trees before scheduling any work.

According to the A300 Pruning Standards of the American National Standards Institute, power line companies must hire professionals to trim or remove trees on power lines.

In Texas, only professionals authorized by wire companies can trim or remove trees with a line clearance of six feet from a high voltage power line. These professionals have the training and equipment to do so while avoiding serious injuries and even fatalities that can easily face lay people attempting the job.

The power company will safely gain access to inspect the tree on a power line, determining the type of tree and the required distance to complete the work on the tree based on the power line voltage.

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