Help! What Is Wrong with My Avocado Tree?

Is the health of your avocado tree deteriorating? Are the leaves fading or wilting? Or it’s exhibiting other strange symptoms, and you’re left to wonder, “What is wrong with my avocado tree?”

Many things can go wrong with your avocado plant, particularly if you don’t give it extra loving care. In this post, we look into some of the most common avocado tree diseases and how to tackle them, as explained by our tree service experts in Foster. 

Armillaria Root Rot

This disease not only affects avocado trees but also other tree species. A healthy, young avocado tree usually has red leaves, which turn into various shades of green as it grows.

You’ll know you’re dealing with avocado root rot if you notice the leaves turning yellow and falling off prematurely. An infected tree produces less fruit and may die prematurely. 

Sadly, this fast-spreading disease has no known cure. Prevention is the best way to tackle it, and here are a few tips:

  • Give your trees sufficient water.
  • Mulch the area around your avocado trees.
  • Protect your trees against damage by lawnmowers and weed eaters.

Avocado Black Streak

This deadly disease can cause short-term or long-term damage to your avocado tree. Your tree leaves will start turning yellow and brown. Avocado black streak can also cause your trees to produce fewer fruits. 

These fruits will be smaller and not as tasty as those from a healthy avocado tree. In the advanced stages of the disease, your tree may develop sores and cankers. 

The cause of avocado black streak is unknown, so it’s difficult to know how to treat or prevent it. Watering your tree regularly and keeping healthy soil around it can help minimize stress and extend your tree’s life. 

Verticillium Wilt

When asking yourself, “What is wrong with my avocado tree?” you certainly want to check for this disease.

If you notice your avocado tree leaves turning brown and falling off prematurely, you’re probably dealing with Verticillium Wilt. Not only is it one of the easiest diseases to identify, but it’s also the deadliest!

This soil-borne fungal disease enters your tree through the root system. Unfortunately, Verticillium Wilt has no known cure. You should remove the infected tree immediately, so the disease doesn’t spread to your healthy trees. 

You can prevent this disease with regular watering and pruning and by providing afternoon shade for your avocado plant. 

Phytophthora Canker

This disease often accompanies other diseases like root rot. It’s typically a result of root damage from a pre-existing condition or an accident. While Phytophthora canker won’t kill your tree, it can make other diseases more difficult to treat. 

Some symptoms of phytophthora canker include strange-colored cankers growing on infected bark and reddish sap oozing from the tree. 

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