Fall Tree Care Checklist: What’s Included?

As summer winds down in Texas, the trees in your yard start changing color and preparing for their autumnal display. One of the most important tasks you need to do in preparation for the cooler weather is taking care of your tree’s health. Foster’s leading tree service experts put together a list of fall tree care tips to help ensure that your trees are ready to show off their best colors! 

Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your trees in the fall.

Inspect the Soil

The ground underneath your trees may become stiff and dry during the fall and winter. As a result, the soil may have lost some of its nutrients over the summer and need some fall fertilization to restore its nutrients.

It is also a good idea to check the soil for pests that may inhabit the area underneath the tree or in the root zone. Pests like grubs and ants are often attracted to tree leaves and feed on the nutrients in the soil. You’ll also want to check for fungal diseases, as these can spread quickly through the root system and kill the tree if left untreated.

Prune Your Trees

Removing dead or damaged branches helps the trees stay healthy, so you should prune any dead or broken branches before they further damage the tree’s health. You may also want to cut back some of the larger branches to provide more sunlight to the smaller branches and encourage growth.

Add Mulch

Your trees are gearing up for the colder months by storing plenty of energy and nutrients to sustain them throughout the winter months. Add mulch around the tree roots to help your trees conserve these nutrients and energy while protecting them from the elements.

Fertilize the Soil

Next, you need to fertilize the soil around your tree to restore some of its nutrients and ensure it is ready for the winter season. Only use fertilizers formulated for trees, and follow the labels’ directions carefully to avoid damaging your tree’s root system. It’s also a good idea to apply a coat of fertilizer to your tree’s bark to help retain soil moisture and prevent it from cracking.

Water Your Trees

Finally, as part of your fall tree care, it is a good idea to water your tree regularly to keep it healthy and ready for winter. When you water trees in the winter, it is essential to ensure that you water the roots and not the leaves to avoid causing damage to the tree.

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