How to Grow Grass Under Pine Trees

Learning how to grow grass under pine trees can be frustrating, given the less-than-ideal conditions pine trees create. However, you can navigate these challenges and create your desired landscape with a few strategic methods.

Read on to learn how to grow grass under your pine trees and how Foster’s reliable tree service can help.

Why Is It Tough to Grow Grass Under Pine Trees?

Growing grass underneath your pine trees is tricky because of four main reasons, which are:

  • Acidic soil: The soil under pine trees is highly acidic. Most lawns need a pH of about seven. However, the soil under pine trees could have a pH as low as three.
  • Shade: The partial shade pine trees create limits the sunlight new grass needs to grow.
  • Pine needles: Your tree’s pine needles can smother grass seeds, making it hard for them to grow.
  • Competition for water: The competition for water under the pine tree also tends to be too stiff.

How to Grow Grass Under Pine Trees

Despite these challenges, growing grass under pine trees is possible. Here are the steps to follow when learning how to grow grass under pine trees.

Clear Ground Cover

Begin by clearing the ground of pine needles, branches, and weeds that often prevent grass from sprouting.

Prune Hanging Branches

Pruning low-hanging branches enables the grass to enjoy more sunlight. Ensure you take care when doing so to prevent balding your tree.

Pick the Grass

Choosing the type of grass is one of the most vital aspects of learning how to grow grass under pine trees. The type of grass will determine how deep you’ll till the ground and the amount of fertilizer you’ll use to balance the soil’s pH.

We recommend selecting grass that thrives in acidic soil, like centipede grass and Zoysia. Some property owners opt for shade-tolerant types of grass, like St. Augustine.

Till the Ground

Use standard tools to till the land and prepare it for planting, taking extra care to avoid damaging tree roots.

Apply a Balancing Agent

Next, measure the soil’s pH level and add a balancing agent to create ideal conditions that will allow the grass to grow. You could use baking soda, vinegar, red cabbage, or a commercial pH tester.

Plant the Grass

After creating ideal growing conditions, you can plant the grass. Ensure you care for it with regular watering, trimming, and adding nutrients whenever you notice a need.

Quality Tree Service

When grown together, pine trees and grass can create a lovely aesthetic that enhances your property’s curb appeal and value. While achieving this result can be challenging, the tips we’ve shared promise to help. You can also turn to the quality tree services our experienced, highly trained team offers.

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