Split Tree Trunk: Causes and Prevention Tips for Foster, TX Homeowners

Have you noticed a crack on your tree’s trunk and wonder if it’s something you should worry about? Trees generally develop cracks over time as they mature, so this shouldn’t worry you so much. However, you shouldn’t ignore the crack if it’s large or deep. Such cracks can weaken your tree and increase its risk of damage during extreme weather conditions. 

In this blog post, Meadows Tree Service, a trusted Foster’s tree service company, delves deeper into the split tree trunk problem so you can know what to do when it happens. 

What Causes Tree Trunk Splitting?

Extreme temperature fluctuations and weather changes are the major causes of tree trunk damage.

During the cold winter months, your trees may suffer sunscald. This occurs during the winter when the sun warms your tree during the day, followed by the tree freezing at night. 

Sunscald usually results in significant irreversible damage, including a cracked tree trunk. You can easily notice this damage on your tree’s south or southwest side. 

Split tree trunk also occurs in the winter or early spring, thanks to the constant freezing and thawing as temperatures vary. We call this process frost cracking, and you can identify it by looking out for vertical cracks in your trees. 

At times, a split trunk may result from internal decay, which often comes from disease. To prevent such a thing from happening, call a reputable tree care service when you suspect your tree is sick. 

Top Three Effective Trunk Splitting Remedies

You often don’t have to do anything when you notice a crack on your tree’s trunk. That’s because the tree will usually heal on its own through the natural healing processes. Even so, you can still help the tree recover faster with these simple split tree repair options.

Eliminate the Wound

Removing the wound will help your tree heal faster. Simply cut out the scarring from sunscald and other issues. This will help the tree repair itself much quicker. 

Reattach Broken Limbs

Here’s another nice and simple idea for split bark restoration: tape the broken branches to prevent trunk damage. You can use duct tape or other practical material. Be sure to attach the limb properly to ensure effective healing. 

Hold the Split Pieces With a Bolt

Drill at least three holes in your tree’s trunk. Simply insert the bolts into the holes to hold the split pieces together. 

Prevent Splitting Entirely

How can you prevent split tree trunks in the first place?

Wrapping young trees in reflective white paper can help insulate them against freezing temperatures. Remember to remove the covering in spring as temperatures begin to rise. 

Keeping your trees healthy can also help prevent trunk damage. Water and fertilize young trees throughout the year and ensure they’re ready for winter. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

If you need help dealing with a split tree trunk, talk to the experts at Meadows Tree Service. We provide a wide range of services, including:

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