Why Is My Tree Not Growing Leaves?

“Why is my tree not growing leaves?” is a common question as warm weather brings foliage to surrounding trees. Tree health starts before planting. If you have concerns about the health of your trees, our expert team can help identify the cause. 

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Unsuitable Species for Your Yard

Every tree species has a particular set of conditions that makes them thrive. Before investing in a landscaping service, determine the type of soil on your property. Consider the water level. If you live in a dry area, you will not benefit from planting trees that require consistently moist soil. 

In addition to the water level, pay attention to the pH of the soil. Some species prefer acidic soil, while others prefer basic soil. 

Trees thrive in the proper region for their ideal growing conditions. When you wonder, “Why is my tree not growing leaves?” the answer may lie in the type of soil and amount of water. 

Unsatisfactory Location

When planting multiple trees, it’s easy to mistakenly plant them too close to each other. While the area may look sparse on the day of planting, as trees mature, they increase in size and quickly overcrowd each other. 

Planting trees too close together makes their root systems compete for water and nutrients. Above ground, they shade each other, preventing the abundance of sunlight they need to thrive. 

If your trees suffer from overcrowding, professional landscapers can prune the damaged areas to remove damaged areas. 

Harsh Weather Conditions

Every season brings a different weather condition that may harm trees. While trees benefit from a moderately windy season, extreme wind can compromise the root system. Disrupted roots lose their ability to absorb water. Additionally, extreme weather conditions can lead to structural damages like a split trunk, which can further hinder the tree’s ability to thrive.

Lightning strikes can affect the entire tree. While you usually notice the physical damage from a lightning strike, other times the damage lurks inside and only becomes evident when the tree fails to form leaves.

Tree Disease

Healthy trees need regular care in order to avoid disease. It’s easy for you to notice damage caused by harsh weather or insects, but you may not always notice the subtle changes in a diseased tree. Professional landscapers will fertilize your trees and inspect them for tree disease.

If our team notices a compromised root system or a type of mulch that works against your tree growth, we will take the necessary measures to strengthen the roots and apply the appropriate type of mulch.

Affordable Tree Service

When you search, “Why is my tree not growing leaves,” you will discover it is a common issue for many people. At Meadows Tree Service, we are experts in telling the age of a tree. The age of a tree determines the type of treatment it needs for abundant leaf growth.

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