Should I Water My Trees in the Fall?

For your trees to grow healthy and beautiful, you’ll need to water them. That’s a given. What might be tricky to determine is how frequently you’ll need to water your trees as seasons change.

Are you asking yourself, “Should I water my trees in the fall?” The short answer is yes. However, there’s more to it. When watering your trees in fall, it’s all about timing.

This post will take a closer look at how you should water your trees in the fall, highlighting the benefits of contacting a professional tree service in Foster.

What Happens to Your Trees in the Fall?

The key to determining how to water your trees in the fall lies in understanding how your trees behave during this season.

In the fall, your trees go dormant. This means that their growth slows down. If you have deciduous trees, they will shed their leaves.

Since watering your trees encourages growth, doing so when your trees are going dormant creates a problem. When winter arrives, any new growth your trees will have could get damaged.

Should You Water Your Trees in the Fall?

When searching, “Should I water my trees in the fall?” you’ll get many articles telling you to do so. However, this can be a bit confusing. If watering your trees encourages growth at a time when new growth isn’t ideal, why should you do it?

The answer is simple. Your trees need water to survive. It all comes down to when to water your tree.

Stop Watering Trees in Early Autumn

Don’t water your trees in early autumn or fall. Instead, wait until all their leaves are gone. Doing so will give your trees the time they need to enter a transitional phase.

Water Deeply in Late Fall

Once your trees have dropped all their leaves, water them deeply, doing so before the ground freezes so that the water can reach the roots. This will give mature and newly planted trees the best chance of surviving fall and winter.

Knowing How Much Water to Use

Besides timing, you must also pay close attention to the amount of water you use. As challenging as this might be, there are some tips and tricks that can help. For instance:

  • Water at your trees’ dripline
  • Ensure you soak and moisten the soil’s top layer
  • Slow soaking is always better than using large quantities at once
  • Use sprinklers and drip irrigation systems
  • When deep watering, ensure the water goes 12 to 15 inches into the soil

Professional Tree Service in Foster, TX

With winter fast approaching, you want to give your trees the best chance of survival. This involves watering your trees in the fall. However, besides asking, “Should I water my trees in the fall?” you should also ask, “How should I water my trees in the fall?” or even “Is fall the best time to plant trees?”

Fortunately, we are here to provide professional tree care year-round. For instance, if your tree is not growing leaves long into spring, we’ve got you covered.

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